Things Done

I have read somewhere that 22 veterans a day take their own lives.  That’s staggering to think on.  Isn’t it?

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Things Done
by Michael Romani

The things we do to survive
Are things done to stay alive
I'm left wondering about its worth
Have I lost my way to true north

What is a man who lost what it means
To be the man who was a human being
Pretending that it all will be okay
Just to survive for more one day

Because one more day is one more fight
And somehow we hope all wrongs lead to right
But we not that it does not; not a chance
We have danced this before this battle dance

As we rise up once again through the ashes
Our souls having endured a thousand lashes
We rise because we must as legends to our core
And when it's more than enough, we come for more

Legends they call us though we are not
Just men who have given all that we got
Finding our way through to the end of days
Embracing the harshness of our ways

We do what we must, we tell ourselves again
Each comrade becomes a brother and friend
As we lay our heads done at end of day
This is the truth of the warrior's way

(c) August 25, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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