Imagine Life If You Will

Psalms 90:12

Kona Beach - Whale Shark Swims By Underwater Ruins

Imagine Life If You Will
by Michel Romani

Numbering our days in adoration
Gaining wisdom in our fascination
Deep within our hearts it seems
Is the keeper of our best dreams

Imagine your worse nightmare
Come to light to swallow care
But there is a path to freedom
Trading bounds for the kingdom

Walking this path day by day
This then is God's Holy way
Each of us lives this way
In the circumstances of our day

No situation lasts for ever
God gives up on us, never
There's no plight we can't escape
Its all in the differences we make

Living by faith and not feelings
Even as our world keeps reeling
God teaches souls need stilling
Relying on His strength as He's willing

Value your time and make the most
Knowing we have no time to coast
The life of liberty is one day at a time
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow is sublime

Decisions made on how we live our day
Minimal requirements to make our way
Priorities are such as we've selected
Towards these we must be directed

By doing this we keep in blessings
Lived in abundance and no guessing
Except for the number of days we'll live
And to each of these, we must give

There are no one hit wonders here
Victorious living requires being there
Day after day and getting things right
Is how we keep to living in God's light

There is significance in the three
Momentum gained in living free
It's gained through all the repetition
As we diligently apply our dedication

Habitually started in daily devotion
Systematically righting our emotion
Living each day as it's own day
Gaining momentum in repeating our ways

(c) August 26, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Anahita Land of Kangavar -  Line Breeze Lighthouse





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