Conflict Of Civilizations

There is a conflict in the West that draws down deeper than radical Islam versus West.  It is Leftism versus Tradition.  I think it’s pretty clear which side of this divide I am on.

Home, Sweet, Home -The Spark of Her Love Means Everything

Conflict Of Civilizations
by Michael Romani

Seems there's a divide in our lives
As how we see what causes us to thrive
Some say sex, some say money
I think both of these are a bit funny
Funny as in peculiar and not quite right
I think it's meaning that brings the light

Life often shows you can be chaste and poor
And still be happy without wanting more
But, a life without meaning is cold and empty
Wealth and a rich sex life do not make you happy
The Bible gives meaning for Judaism and Christianity
It seems to me that without this is futility

The meaning found there without any hesitation
Offers up the truest answers to life's questions
In these a good God created and rules the universe
Death is not permanent and life is not perverse
To be a light unto the nations is our divine mission
And one that God has granted in His holy permission

Now, in the modern age, the world has turned perverse
The Bible is often seen as myth, malicious and worse
There is a marked preference to believe this is all
And that we, as mankind, did not from Eden fall
With this loss, there is decline in love and marriage
And with it children without this Godly carriage

In its place has risen the unholy rise of secularism
Manifesting firstly as Fascism and also as Communism
New and progressive were the sirens of deadly ideology
That has struggled to do away with traditional theology
Replacing it instead with mass enslavement and murder
As though these somehow carry the human race further

To almost all who endured it, communism was the god that failed
Yet, against this truth, many blind intellectuals railed
Dogmatically insisting that socialistic environmentalism
Was along with Marxism and feminism anything but rabid extremism
These antitheses of the West's guiding principles rested
As arguments to surge and attempt to overwhelm traditions tested

Left wing advocates find everything about America contemptible
While insisting that utopia on Earth is quite attemptable
And imaginary world is held out as one that is the ideal
They have forged into alternatives that can never be made real
While the rest of us hold to the Bible for guidance to live
Knowing that heart and feelings while important will never give

Those things that will lead to lives that are best had
Most often leading to decisions that leave us all sad
It's best that we live lives based on Holy instruction
Instead of the ways of man that most often lead to destruction
This then is the largest clash within Western civilization
And one that must be faced in full and true realization

(c) September 1, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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