Redemption Of A Clown

Some things just aren’t funny.  Like someone who abuses their power and position to coerce others into things otherwise unimaginable to them.  Less funny still is when that same comedian thinks he can excuse away his or her lewd and crude behavior because after all.. he or she has that position of power.  Yes, this is aimed at one comedian in particular.  But, the shoe fits and should be worn by many…

Havenhollow 2017 - Creepy Clown

Redemption Of A Clown
by Michael Romani

The comedian
He thinks he's funny
Or, maybe it's just expedient
He sure doesn't fool me

It just makes me glower
As he makes excuses
And talks about power
As a cover for his abuses

He wants to talk
All about his redemption
Maybe we should watch his walk
The two not meeting shows contemplation

Contemplation on a way out
Not of repentance
That leaves a lot of doubt
And no room for my acceptance

Oh sure, boys might be boys
But, women are not made as toys
And we must never neglect
That ladies are due our respect

These are our sisters and mothers
And to some, our sweet daughters
Speaking as just another father
We do need to take care of one another

And so, I watch with watchful eye
Toward those seeking redemption
Offering none in my reply
Until, the offer their reconciliation

(c) August 30, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Slaughter Creek - Creepy Clowns Society





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