Legacy Rehashed

Sort of random with a bit of truth in the cervices:

Nouk Land - Totem In A Ghost Wolf

Legacy Rehashed
by Michael Romani

If we could drag the future
Out into the past
If feelings could somehow nurture
All the things that didn't last

If we could see our legacy
Somehow in still life rehashed
Like a well lived fantasy
We dreamed on unabashed

Would we dwell on the details
While spinning new tales?
Would we dig up old wells
For their drops in new pails?

Somewhere in the crevices of life
We find our way to truth
Moments of peace in the midst of strife
As it's been since our youth

Tell me what then will tomorrow bring?
As I take your hand in mine
Joining you in harmony to songs you sing
Hoping you'll one day cross the line

Diamonds in the rough make for the best
Sharpened in points of wonder
As I pray we'll pass every test
And glance sideways into blunder

It's there in the beginning
Where I see the roots of the end
Reaching out hard for the winning
Hoping that you'll always be my friend

I whisper that I love you 
Despite all the past felt so deeply
Eyes cast aspersions felt so true
Air gasped as I pray you really love me

If I could dream a new legacy
It would be of you and I
Building a star crossed family
Is your kiss your reply?

(c) September 4, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Wolf Falls




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