Do I Give Myself Too Easily?

Sometimes you wonder, right?

Home, Sweet, Home - Day 2 of Tiggy's Particles

Do I Give Myself Too Easily?
by Michael Romani

I don't really think it too serious a question
But, I approach this with some hesitation
Because I have given you all of me so easily
Does that make you esteem less of me?

From the first moment that I ever met you
I knew without doubt I would never forget you
You danced up along side me and into my soul
Sometimes I wonder where I lost my self control

From the first hello, I knew that I loved you
That I'd never want you to go; it's very true
There was a presence that I felt deep inside
And now with each passing day taken in stride

Closer and closer we have seemingly become
As our two souls seem to be melding into one
And still when I read thoughts on value
I wonder if maybe I've given all and lost worth to you

So, here late at night I find myself in question
Laughing at myself and yet wondering in hesitation
Because I know that I've given me to you so easily
And wonder, does that make you think somehow less of me?

(c) September 5, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - You'd Know You're Amazing






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