Spiritual Nose Dive

Sometimes there is evil or whispers of evil behind even the seemingly most pristine of situations and circumstances.

The Secret Garden - Passing Ships

Spiritual Nose Dive
by Michael Romani

In the midst of the excavated
The truth is revealed in the prevaricated
It challenges the very structure of sanctity
As the church plunges into hypocrisy

There precisely rests the judgment
As one by one, we learn what the judge meant
In sinning quite spectacularly
Even the holiest roller reveals their humanity

No one it seems ever gets out of this alive
As each of us takes our own spiritual nose dive
These are the indiscretions for which we've wept
Because in the end, there are no secrets kept

We pretend differently, daring to confront
But in the end, we know this as a front
Sin may be a matter for God to adjudicate
But, most of us find we cannot wait

Then most of us hold to the judgments we exact
Independent of anything resembling truth and fact
Instead relying on thoughts of sown discord
As we fall down on one another's sharpened swords

True predators lay back into the shadows
Finding twists of humor hanging in the gallows
These are the residual effects of abused power
That frame the church in its darkest hours

The rippled effects of this abuse resonates
As we all fail and the failure insinuates
That the only perfection is found in our flaws
Humanity condemned in its inability to follows God's laws

The best sermons are meticulously relevant
Filled with words melodic, rich and vibrant
But mostly with lessons filled with meaning
That somehow make us want to be as if better human beings

(c) September 6, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Love Story: Season of Joy -Country Church







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