Ways of Freedom

From time to time, it seems necessary to think on choices made and principles kept.

The Path To Freedom -For Whom This Bell Has Tolled

Ways of Freedom
by Michael Romani

"Times march on", says the old soldier
Remembering back on times bolder
But some things are best and better kept
For all the blood spilled and tears wept

Progress that leads humanity into chains
Is not progress we should ever entertain
Looking at the recent violence of our years
It brings this patriot to the edge of tears

It is truth to keep that we are never bound
By older ways when truly better ways are found
But an exchange of kingdom to the tyranny of masses
Still binds our God given rights into the ashes

This then shall even after my last gasp of breath
Never change; we must live free or die our brave death
When we trade in our God given rights for security
Be it military or economy, we give away our legacy

A legacy for which many have fought and died for
That brothers, sisters, and mothers have cried for
And one which I will always do my best to pass on
So that we might live freely even after I am gone

(c) September 8, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Butterfly Beach - Resting Here A Spell




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