Remnants of Dysfunction

Everyone likes a good ghost story, right?

Village of Nyght - To the Manor Borne

Remnants of Dysfunction
by Michael Romani

To tell a great ghost story
Requires moving past gory
But nothing strikes this passion
Like a dilapidated mansion

Remnants of dysfunction
Are held in the conjunction
That a crumbling edifice
Stands despite the loss of magnificence

You don't need jump up scares
When there are good tears
Each leading to genuine dread
As the wheels of time spin in your head

With the rattle of a door
Bells rung, ghost writings and more
The house announces its rebellion
While outside we hear the faint carillon

The distant carillon rings in changes
As society stops and rearranges
And another stratified family
Finds its way into history

(c) September 8, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Village of Nyght - How About A Hug?



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