Misunderstanding Of A Little House

There is a massive campaign to distort historical reality.  It seemingly stops at nothing to turn history on its head to achieve this moment’s agenda.  I believe it cannot be more wrong.  Where possible I attempt to reasonably act against this.

Satudarah MC Nederland - Old Country Farmhouse

Misunderstanding Of A Little House
by Michael Romani

It always seems a bit of absurdity
That so many are offended by history
History has always been the story of humanity
In all of our good and bad, holy and our vanity

Catch phrases of yesteryear are often heartbreaking
As the travails of history can be soul shaking
But to impose the morals of today on yesterday
Is ridiculous, misses the point cannot be done any way

In many, many instances of diverse cases
It's a simple fact of misunderstood places
References in literature that when properly read
Turn so many lame grievances on their head

The thing about lessons is the troubling sense
Is to teach truth it's necessary to understand tense
And why such hurtful things do often actually belong
This is the challenge to make things somehow less wrong

There are such lessons in Little House on the Prairie
Meant to be kept in focus and not to bury
Such as a young girl learning in a world of mistakes
And how vapid prejudice causes her heartbreak

Pa counters that Indians were peaceful left alone
And that it's the White Man's intrusion that owns
All the paths that force any and all hostility
While the culturally ignorant manage to miss this history

The Osage are not painted as being bad but as good
With one such warrior being the hero properly understood
It was a time of a pervasive belief in Manifest Destiny
And it would be wrong today to erase this history

That is, without erasing the lessons needed to learn
And the story of respect gained as we have earned
As Laura Ingalls paints even her father as being wrong
And the Ingalls? They eventually leave where they don't belong...

(c) September 14, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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