Broken Down Shuffle Off

In a movie I was watching tonight, there was a bit of reflective dialog that caused me to think.  Judging people without knowing where they’ve been is often the wrong choice.

Woodbury Falls -Bus Ride to Burned Out Oblivion

Broken Down Shuffle Off
by Michael Romani

Scarred face is less than a scarred heart
Is the message the man's life seemed to impart
As I sat there judging him, while he kept pushing on
Every night, like stage fright, he'd drink into oblivion

All I knew was that he woke up into a hungover stupor
Each morning, feelings a wreck; feeling less than super
But as I sat there finally listening to his story
I found enough heartbreak to embrace and not just a "poor me"

Seems his six year old little girl gave up the fight
As leukemia came and like a thief sucked out all her light
And with her life, his wife decided to give up too
Leaving his life in carnage, bottled up like animals in a zoo

The rage would melt into hurt into rage again into the night
And this was the story about the man I held in my sight
Judgment turned to sorrow as I listened to his heart bleed
Suddenly seeing the need for blurring past his primal need

This broken down, shuffle off was all that he had left
Alone in a cruel world and shaking hands with death
So, then there it was a man who needed prayer as he pushed on
Spending his time drinking his sorrow into the abyss of oblivion

(c) September 15, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

TBME - Drunk Boy Fallen






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