Hope To Persevere

So much adversity in our daily lives and it’s blasted toward us in 4D stereo by newscasters and pontificators who have seemingly forgotten that we need to believe things are going to turn out alright if only we are strong and bold enough to work this through together.   Here’s my response to all the naysaying going on:

Home, Sweet, Home2 -Multicolored Dandelions In the Wind

Hope To Persevere
by Michael Romani

Some people think life is to be born fresh
Born fresh enough only to be born to suffer
That sort of reasoning to me doesn't mesh
So, I keep it out of me with my buffer

Kept out with my buffer of hope, despite good cause
Pollution, hatred, hunger - all give great pause
All surpassed by the annoying behaviors of some
Both famous and not, but, none will be named; none

I will hold instead to the hope of optimism
Standing strong against the crush of life's pessimism
Believing that somehow at the end of the day
All that I hope and for will prove to be okay

No matter how dire things seem or really get
I believe in healing and living with few regrets
People's goodness, God willing, will find a way
As more than another mantra that some say

But, like fingers of slanting lightning 
There is an illumination against the frightening
Circumstances can never control our reactions
Staying grounded in this truth brings satisfaction

My truth may not be your same truth
But, it has been mine since my youth
At times, it has helped me to survive loss
Holding to solid ground and not being storm tossed

Despite life's adversities; I feel hope on every street
In the love that refuses to give up; in so many I meet
Despite this age of fear and collective grief
It is this love and hope that gives me relief

Looking for all the helpers in times of disaster
Believing life can be renewed even after
You see, it's as they say; we can give into fear
Or, we can better choose to believe in hope and persevere

(c) September 18, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Water Edge Town - New Life Christian Fellowship - Hope




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