Handwritten Passages

Everyone has their own writing style.  Largely, mine is to first write by hand and then transcribe this to the electronic keyboard.  Others do things differently.  This is a little bit about that.

LEA28: Storm Septimus' Country of Mind Untitled- A Writer's Desk

Handwritten Passages
by Michael Romani

Writing by hand brings something each day
That defines existential dread in some way
In some sense it brings its relief
That helps us through that hallucinatory grief
While we struggle through our uncertainty
And that fills our lives with unresolved mystery

In each letter formed, we struggle to find our voice
It's a minimal brand created by our every choice
With each stroke, doors open to the sacred story
Shining our blurred visions and hoping for shed glory
Vibrating with the strange energy of anticipation
We become the agents of our own uncanny transformation

Seeking to transmute, distract and to change
Through the very words we write and rearrange
Reordering the mythos and windows of perception
We hope to share truth deeper than deception
Final moments in passages mark the transition
Pushing us forward into our twisted contemplation

In a mad world of paradoxical constructions
It seems fantastical to desire creation and destruction
We are theologically engaged in the questions of our existence
Focused on capturing lines loved past resistance
Sometimes we don't even know that we've arrived
Yet, somehow our ideas and words have survived

In the space of bewilderment we find our grace
There in the beauty and questions, we come to embrace
Struggling with the unclosed loops of the undone
This is the forever of the lives we've come to as one
We who create, create to fill the void that awaits
The no longer being here that always comes too soon and not late

We sit here, pad in hand, with the blessed uncertainty
Filled with the clamorous silence of our absurdity
As we increase our tolerance for life's ambiguity
Cutting deeper than the deep in all of its acuity
This then is that needed space of unfinishedness
That begs those who write in hand for completeness

(c) September 21, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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