Daily Prompt – Unfallen

Today’s challenge is yet another from a conversation with a friend.  I was explaining to Veri that years ago I had formed a guild in a fairly popular online game and called that guild The Unfallen.  The guild’s purpose was to honor the heroes of the world who still stood after 9/11 and all of this and continue to be our military and first responders.  The fact is that the guild’s members ended up being largely players who were just that in the day to day world.  Veri asked me to write a poem about these “Unfallen” in our everyday world.  I’ll do my best.

Enchanted Dreams  - Hero, Best Friend, Sister

The Unfallen
by Michael Romani

When I was younger, I was raised on tales
About those who stood brave enough to prevail
Against all wrongs they strove to do right
Putting their honor, their courage and might
Up against those things that might crush
Unafraid to jump head long into the battle's rush

As a child, I knew that given the chance to do
All of these things I would suit up and fight too
I had heard tales of my heritage and was proud
Proud enough to serve my best that I was allowed
Looking at the standards to which I wished to measure
I put this honor and duty above and beyond all treasure

As I grew older, I came to find I was not the only one
That courage, pride and sacred duty called to be done
Side by side we stood the test to give freedom's cost
Sadly, we came to bury some of us who fell and were lost
We swore allegiance that though gone they'd not be forgot
We would never allow that to become their final lot

There have been and always will be poems for all of these
Not a day passes by that doesn't find some of us on our knees
Lifting hands in prayers, hiding tears that will always flow
While quietly living our lives even from the casted shadow
Always we strive on to do our very best in honor and in right
Hoping to encourage others in our stead to continue the good fight

This then is a poem for all who honorably answer the calling
Unfallen, they push forward into the danger without stalling
Ready to take on all adversity to make life one of liberty
Willing to cash the check and pay the price for you and me
Our soldiers, our sailors, Marines, Coast Guard into the fray
And for all the first responders who serve us every day

This is also a poem for those on the home front who save
A place of love and sanctuary for all of us who they gave
Their love and hearts for as they raised and raise our family
I say family because really, we are one, all of us; you and me
We shed the same blood, cry the same tears and persevere
Giving our all so that others don't have to; year after year

I ask that others remember this when the world is falling down
Give us encouragement as we help keep this world spinning around
Shoulder to shoulder we stand firmly, solidly and tall
Providing the buffer to those who suffer, strengthened like a wall
We are those willing to be the first in line and forgotten kisses
To take the first losses to protect those we know and the misses

The misses of sometimes being called to far off, strange lands
Willingly enduring to make this world better as it so demands
I have lived this life a lifetime now and hope I have served well
And I write this simple bit of poetry for the Unfallen detail
Giving perhaps this warrior's final contribution and salute 
To all of you out there still standing, unfallen and resolute

(c) September 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Tristan & Isolde - Filling the Frame of Heroism







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2 Responses to Daily Prompt – Unfallen

  1. Your work is so moving, Michael. Thank you for all you do.


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