Ravens of the Tower

Based on the ravens found at the Tower of London:

LandOurs - Thus Quoth the Raven

Ravens of the Tower
by Michael Romani

To most, a raven is a raven is a raven
A bird of some mystery and a little craven
But simply a bird as any bird
Despite being made famous in poetic word

Sometimes seen as a Gods, messengers and protectors
Other times as harbingers and slight tricksters
Our estimation rendered in words we've spoke
Will never really match the low guttural croak

Ravens possess fierce intelligence behind dark eyes
Their ice pick beaks and shaggy necks hold this surprise
But none so magical as those at the Tower of London
Where many a watcher's heart has been undone

Beguiling, fascinating and filled with amusement
The corvids watch us back with willful bemusement
Like the British themselves, they need both love and freedom
They also need a certain degree of focused protection

This particular species of Mother Nature's child
Is difficult to observe and study in the wild
When kept as pets, the become children and friends
Lived with like psychotic toddlers loving to upend

The mythos of the raven is one of beautiful contradiction
They be loving, friendly, curious renditions
But, they are also birds of well deserved darkness and gore
The wide spanning minds of ravens are often focal to our lore

Ravens like soldiers cleave to social hierarchy
It's no wonder they so readily symbolized monarchy
Woe betide should the ravens ever leave the tower
It might just be or lead to the kingdom's final hour

(c) September 25, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Nightmare At the Park - Caw of the Ravens


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