Saving Face

I was reading a look at what it’s like to be a fading star in modern entertainment and how too often the unabashed hedonism leads to the downfall of way too many….

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Saving Face
by Michael Romani

Dwindling fame and inadequacy
Drive the former star to drink excessively
Washed up into a state of anxiety
He has arrived both caustic and funny

His pain serves as a nucleus of development
His pride becomes its own envelopment
He embarks on an apology tour of disgrace
Having not a clue as to how to save face

All the quiet moments of private forgiveness
Are behind this stark feeling of blindness
Cutting through the thickness of tension
As the aging star seeks public redemption

There is the daunting task ahead
In response to things done and said
Thinking hard on how one overcomes things wrong
And, if ever, can one return and belong

Thinking to himself, some things can't be undone
Clinging to hope in the form of an anointed someone
But, surrendering to the notion that things can't be right
When they've folded into that long, dark night

Running through all the empirical reasons of exploration
Thinking through all the self awareness begging explanation
It's a confrontation jarring in its familiarity
It radiates anger and betrayal into their proximity

The willingness to forgive a person's transgressions
Is not the same as forgetting their aggressions
There can be nothing able to give absolution
But, all the same we need to seek this final resolution

(c) September 29, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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