Matter of Life and Death

Based in part on 1 John 3:11-18

La Perla - Bell Tower

Matter of Life and Death
by Michael Romani

Ours is to live in Holy Love
Here on earth as above
It's a matter of life and death
And of what life has left

Left up for us to keep and do
That us always being me and you
But also as shown from God above
All of His Word witnesses love

Actions done trumps things said
Pass that one around in your head
Words can be empty or have meaning
Depends on how you treat human beings

To serve one another is what we believe
To do other than love is to sin and deceive
Love is called to practice in every action
If we are to live a fruitful life with satisfaction

Efforts made by the fruit is the fruit we gain
Love given grows and becomes what we retain
But there are things we need to keep and know
Such as love is what we do not feel if it's to grow

Love is not an option but to a Christian a command
If you believe otherwise, you do not understand
It's something to be done day in and day out
Not hidden away where there is any room for doubt

There is nothing new to this but a reminder of all
All that it means to respond in answering God's call
Love is not something to simply talk but to show
And as we love each other faithfully, the community grows

As we walk our walk we see each other as equal
All of us humbled as we daily confront what's evil
This then is our mindset of living with quality
Side by side, arms linked we are as one family

Never letting pride and condescension get in our way
Of looking up to God as we go about our days
Never being caught up in looking down intolerantly
But accepting and embracing each other as family

Within this Holy embrace there is a loving implication
That as we reach across in love there is no distinction
All of us have fallen short but we all share potential
It's from this that the growth of love is exponential 

As God reaches down, we in the family reach across
To do otherwise is to create a vast void of real loss
To hear the truth is to respond in our fullest compassion
There is an insistence of action as is our best tradition

In our best refusal to look away we strive to make right
Bringing our brightest shine into the dark of night
Taking all our actions from living love from a new heart
Paying the cost of needs; committed from the start

Love is always willing to take the first step of initiation
Showing our bend toward all and spirit led inclination
We are to serve one another taking care of those we love
This is as it is not a reaction but a pro-action from above

If we do not love one another we remain ungodly and dead
Let these words of truth reverberate in our heads
Without love and living love and giving love we have nothing
Now isn't that a whole lot of truth in a mouthful of something?

(c) October 7, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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