Blessed Be the Name

Based in part on Genesis 50:20:

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer

Blessed Be the Name
by Michael Romani

Awestruck with the Lord in admiration
Filled with unearned grace and fascination
Holding strong to the blessed name
That leads with light and knows no shame

God's ways are filled with unstoppable goodness
No matter the inclinations of man's business
All scripture is breathed out to be learned and known
In these pages are the profit of righteousness shown

From Genesis 1 through Revelations we find instruction
All of this meant to lead us away from paths of destruction
From these many words we find our way to our increase
Where good grows and our evil ways find their decrease

With God we find the game changer in intended harm
Being turned toward good as the Holy works with charm
Each of us called toward the purpose of God's true will
And from things seemingly bad, we find God's good tale

God is always the best and bigger maker of true plans
Never to be defeated by anyone be it woman or man
The journey that arrives may take keeping strong
But when God conceived it comes to good no matter how long

The heart behind our choice are what lead to contentment
To choose not to be stuck caught up in our resentment
God is the God of the right now not yesterday or tomorrow
It is in the knowing and focus of this that removes our sorrow

No person's life is an accident or a strung together day
Our acceptance of this bring us truly closer to His good ways
Jesus walks this journey with us in ever sense of the journey
This then is the way of living as part of God's good family

October 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Coccon - Blessed Are the Poor



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