In Pursuit of Peace

Based in part on Romans 14:19:

Aspen Fell Memories - Places In My Soul

In Pursuit of Peace
by Michael Romani

Intentionally we learn to pursue 
Peace and building up me and you
Saved by the cross bought in the loss
Born again to calm the storm toss
Of the stormy seas of all our days
Pursuing and encouraging Godly ways

All of this needs deliberate cultivation
Increasing peace found in our maturation
Gradually our walk defines us with peace
As we learn to stay in joy and release
All that troubles us; holding to God's promise
Not something that we should easily allow to demise

In hearing this truth we become responsible
Of doing all that we and as we are capable
Because you see living in peace falls on us all
Choosing to seek peace with everyone; all
Always doing things as we can from our part
To approach everyone with kindness of heart

Clothing ourselves in peace and understanding
Discarding our sinfulness always so demanding
At war with ourselves and yet there we are
Resolving this by bridging this gap that seems far
Receiving these blessings that come from above
Walking each day dressed up in His Holy love

Walking each step with your mind in meditation
On the ways of God growing in this cultivation
Walking beside the still waters shared with others
Sharing this with all of our sisters and brothers
Living with each moment's focus increasing love
Following the command of peace as it is above

Not repaying insult with insult but with blessing
Always tolerant, respectful and not second guessing
Making every effort to do what leads to peace
And in this way, living stress free in right release
Blessed are those willing to and being peacemakers
Like sons and daughters of God not soul shakers

Repairers of the breaches focused on restoration
This then is the way to live in world and nation
Giving all that we can to be the blessing needed
With all of these admonitions readily heeded
Giving peace and receiving this in equal measure
This then is how each of us become God's pleasure

(c) October 21, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Grace Baptist Church - Know, Jesus; Know Peace




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