Into the Hands of Lucifer

Another more or less for Halloween and based in part on the Tiggy provided word prompt of “suspense”:

Devil's Point -  Cat's Meow

Into the Hands of Lucifer
by Michael Romani

Such is the language of demons cast down
That we strictly start with boots on the ground
Looking to find that which passes for reason
Here in at this Samhain each Autumn season

The time comes when the spider
Must go ahead and touch the fly
Like a web spun; in suspense it calls her
Each waiting on the other's reply

The spider never doubts who is the prey
But, perhaps there are flies that would say
That like a pocket watch filled with machinations
Life is filled both with expected and unsuspected complications

All the glorious horrors of the debutant's ball
Unique creatures of the night serve in their recall
The things we do for beauty and youth
Go far beyond the price of abandoning simple truth

In the wretched ruins of the once great city
We find that its those who have dropped civility
Who most often search for a God in their gold
While complaining to others of feeling bought and sold

Their complaints are raised about the found society
After they've abandoned their shot at eternity
Choosing instead another master in their delusion
Setting themselves adrift in their own confusion

In suspense of belief they become too self willing
Entering into that duplicity that is quite chilling
Ensnared by traps they themselves have made
Into the hands of Lucifer they are self betrayed

(c) October 20, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Rodeo In the Devil's Playground - Pretty Sure.. This Isn't the Place I Meant To Go




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