Choices Made

I could not really decide on a pertinent title.  How does one sum up a poem about knights and the struggle for nobility?

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Choices Made
by Michael Romani

There is nothing that stands against corruption
More than those who will not be corrupt
There is nothing that will not stop disruption
Than those willing to interrupt

When others speak of how we lost God at Accra
When ships set sail only to flounder and fail
As the last Christians fled in the diaspora
The Holy warriors knew their loss deep and well

The disenchanted often speak of the greater good
As if the greater good is easily understood
And the events that seemingly transpire
Are often the things that happen as others conspire

Beware these things that are often not as they seem
To work against the betterment of enlightened dreams
Choices made must be made with caution and care
For the conflicts that will come will lay us bare

Lives laid to waste for the power of gold
Are often the worse, we've been told
But there are worse who seek ends to means
That can only bring the end to our dreams

Until the fields are soaked in blood
And the once bright streets are turned into mud
It doesn't take a hero to know what's right
But it is these heroes who stand with might

(c) October 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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