Windblown Ways of Small Town Living

The city nearly always seems to think itself superior to the country.  Yet, as I look back on my life, it seems that the country has equally as much or more to offer.

Countryside - Fall Woods Trail

Windblown Ways of Small Town Living
by Michael Romani

A kerosene lamp is quietly lit
As the good witch tries to find her fit
Watched from the window, he's not alone
A neighbor's warmth turns to stone

An ill fit key finds its way to the door
Rounding the way of a spell and then more
It's a simple life that makes the home
Doomed by overpowering love seeking to find its zone

There is magic between a mother and daughter
Seldom understood by even an astute father
The windblown ways of small town living
Stir up gossip that is seldom forgiving

A gentle snow begins to softly fall down
It's the little miracles that turn smiles from frowns
Seemingly it all begins with the small things of trust
And then again, I suppose that all such things must

There's a lot to be said for the big city
But not very town can be filled with crime and poverty
I'll settle for the windblown ways of small town living
It wears less on the soul and is more forgiving

Sometimes it seems that modern day pills
Bring worse ailments than cure our modern ills
There is a yearning for the gentler ways
All of those simple touches of our yesterdays

Real healing can only happed that the juncture of trust
That's the bond that does as it truly must
Society must learn to mesh tradition with technology
Blending the ways of the country into the city

We notice as the universe quietly conspires to bring together
Those things that when blended are somehow better
There in the windblown ways of small town living
Where souls know more peace and love is forgiving

(c) October 27, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Sakura River Falls - Down An Old Country Road




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