Lessons From A Ring of Power

Talking Tolkien can teach one a lot and not just about alliteration…

Nassau Stronghold - Mermaid Rings

Lessons From A Ring of Power
by Michael Romani

It seemed wise like a wizard might say
That one doesn't just walk into Mordor
Then again it might be that some may
If they have their affairs in order

The thing about rings imbued with power
Is that they most win the hour
When mankind thirsts as we too often do
For ever more power than needed by me and you

These are things that life brings to ask
And none of us are really equal to the task
But some, more than others, do their best
And some, we might say, seemingly pass the test

The best things to pursue in life aren't simple
These take lots of work and prayer at temple
Love, peace, riches and even peace of mind
Require tons of work or we can leave hope behind

But when we walk out into life's proverbial road
There's no knowing how we'll end or so we're told
There are only shades of degrees of probability
And not the slightest chance for total certainty

In collecting the moments of life we often learn
That the truest glitter is the soul we discern
And that more, not all that wander are lost
Indeed, sometimes being lost is very worth the cost

Its in this way that those of us so very ordinary
Use small hands to work and accomplish the extraordinary
It's a life well lived that does good and pays forward
Well with some due comfort we find we're moving toward

All the good things that we might hope we find we are
As we sail off into our adventures following the stars
And if in the end we find ourselves in the company of friends
Then what better a way for our lives and days to end

(c) November 1, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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