The Practice of Kindness

Based in part on the Gospel according to Luke:

Burning Man  - The Spark Kindles Into New Dreams

The Practice of Kindness
by Michael Romani

In this world of madness
Inundated with sadness
What happened to kindness
In  this world of blindness

A moment's thought for others
All of our sisters and brothers
Doing to others as it should be done
Shown to us by God's only Son

Mean to lead us to Godly ways
Respectful in our living days
Repentant of our selfishness
Aiming at other center-ness

There in all our tender mercy
We walk away from heresy
Finding ourselves judging others
Instead of loving one another

It's an expectation of steadfast love 
Placed on us all from up above
Born from the depths of loyalty
Imposed from kingdom's royalty

This then is that Holy Grace
Felt when looking on God's face
We enter a covenant to maintain
With love and loyalty to obtain

There in this practice of kindness
Locked into that other-mindedness
We have come to serve humanity
Expected to discard our vanity

With an eager desire to do good
And in so doing it is understood
We have not come to gain but lose
We have done so by the choice we chose

But in losing ourselves we gain all
As the Word whispers and we recall
That God's whisper is our shout
When embraced it removes all doubt

That here in God steadfast reliability 
We have moved beyond human frailty
While mankind lacks this true capacity
God's grace grants us steadfast stability

From this base of embraced certitude
We come to serve with loving attitude
Each made again to serve our king
With all the gifts we were meant to bring

The best of these is what we come to live
When we turn the other cheek and forgive
Made servants to the Word of the Lord
Be in it healing, defense or by the sword

(c) November 4, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Church Sanctuary - Act of Kindness




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