On the Edge of Nowhere

For all my life, November has been marked as a time for contemplation and gratitude on all the blessings that come our way and somehow seldom receive the focus they should.   This includes for those fighting the good fight.

Ocean Shores Surf Beach   Briidge to Nowhere II

On the Edge of Nowhere
by Michael Romani

On the edge of nowhere
The Monkey King wears his crown
While it hard to say who to compare
With him, it somehow makes him frown

That while once he answered to no one
Now he finds a world held in darkness
Always the reveler, it won't ruin his fun
Still, he has come to dispel with this harshness

Here in this world to restore its light
He walks fearing no semblance of evil
With a laugh, he brightens up the night
His challenge is heard even by the Devil

For if the Devil's minions wish a fight
The Monkey King awaits with laughter
He has come to set these things right
If it a fight wanted, they'll get what they're after

Everything thought learned and believed
None of it, it seems turns out to be true
The past lessons are something others conceived
And only the present and future are open to view

(c) November 6, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

All Suited Up With Nowhere To Go










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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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