Thanks In Everything

There are times when it seems awfully hard to find gratitude for the things and situations God puts into our lives.  Here’s a little something on that topic and to make up for not having my mid-week Christian poem yesterday.  Something that I a little hard to be thankful happened.  My way of coping these days seems to be falling asleep too easy.  More on what that something is after my coming Saturday appointment.

Church Sanctuary - Giving Thanks For the New Day Coming

Thanks In Everything
by Michael Romani

More often than I'd like to admit
There are things I just don't get
Like why some days commandments play
And other days, it's not so easy to obey

Now maybe it's just I don't understand
The particular way to follow the command
The Bible clear states to be filled with the spirit
But, there are days, I rather not hear it

One such command is to thankful in everything
Easily enough for good things but some days bring
Things that stump us and make us question
Though we do question with some hesitation

Admittedly it's some times really bad attitude
But, I find it hard to keep my gratitude
Sometimes the painful needs to meet the stillness
Digging a whole lot deeper to find our bliss

That's when I revisit the Bible's unfolding revelation
Deep in the midst of trouble I find contemplation
And in these contemplations, I find my way to peace
In God's sweet sovereignty, I find my release

Everything we meet in life has passed through His hands
And while that truth doesn't make it easier to understand
I do find some comfort in knowing its all in His control
That makes seemingly bad things easier in my soul

I know the one thing that I've always somehow understood
That our God is gracious and in all things He is good
Because of this I know that even now I have nothing to fear
Though at moments I am shaken, I will know I will persevere 

The dark threads of life are woven together for His good
Everything is intended that I be conformed as if I could
All that has happened and will happen is part of the story
A story that will find me somehow, some way to His Glory

All of this is told in the Bible and not happenstance
My happiness and thankfulness is not dependent on circumstance
Somehow, some way these things I know are by commission
And so though I waver I enter into my full submission

(c) November 8, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Tsunami  Beach  - Irish Blessing





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