Los Feliz Memories

For the good and bad of it, Hollywood has had a tremendous influence on global entertainment.

Hollywood - Drowned In Hollywood

Los Feliz Memories
by Michael Romani

Cinematic ghosts are conjured back into existence
As half remembered legends draped in persistence
A séance draws back on the show's final curtain
Where only the nostalgia holds itself out as certain

Imperatively joined in a sincere investigation
Time continues to roll by without any hesitation
Long after the Manson murders are forgotten and gone
Hollywood's magical lore will respawn and go on

Lovingly gouged as the stars in a cosmic firmament
A need to hear the old stories has it's own predicament
In its tales Old Hollywood becomes less myth and more alive
With enough substance to get past the stench of the dumpster dive

That is usually the smell associated with gossip and drool
Where hour glass figures and heartaches are half the school
It's a springboard into all that passes for a richer terrain
Because creativity has crumbled into something hard to obtain

In the swirling vortex that makes Hollywood legendary
Nearly half the tales lead to incidents quite incendiary
Unexplored corners of mystery find their own sort of angle
And every which way you go agents are near sure to dangle

Short cuts around the bad neighborhoods of Los Angeles freeway
And other trinkets that won't allow the gloss to simply fadeaway
Holding on to yesterdays makes all our tomorrows easier to find
This should be plain enough to see even in a world burned blind

(c) November 16, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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