Happy Birthday (I Miss You)

Some people leave an indelible mark on your life.  It’s only natural that one of these is my sister.  They say the pain will stop.  Then why am I in tears??

Lost Spirits Retreat - Glamping

Happy Birthday (I Miss You)
by Michael Romani

Standing here looking into the gallery
Seeing this reminder of you for me
The years slowly roll on since you've left
Funny, I still don't want to call it your death

The hurt overtakes everything inside of me
Like a bad dream that needs no sympathy
Just the knowing that when I do awake
You'll still be gone, there's no mistake

My God, how I miss you, especially on your birthday
You always were there for me in every single way
My sister, my hero, my teacher, my example
The one thing in life that gave love so ample

When I was first born, they say that it was you
Who chose to teach me to ties my shoes and all I do
I was your baby not just your baby brother always
And it was you that I could turn to in all my days

Whenever things didn't make sense or I was confused
You gave me your best answers and never refused
In return, I was your protector from all harm
Until cancer took you and for me life lost much charm

Today, on your birthday, I feel so very lost and alone
Not knowing what to pray and wishing for a heart of stone
Alternating between feeling lonely and crying my eyes out
Doing my best jagged two step trying to work things out

These last days I haven't been able to really sleep
Feeling like I've fallen in a dark pit that's way too steep
So much going on that I wish you were here to talk to
You always had the answers and I so deeply miss you

The worse part about finally sleeping is the waking 
The waking up to find you're really gone and I'm breaking
I do my best to keep a steady hand but my soul is shaking
And I find lately my best days are those that I'm faking

Happy Birthday, Michele, I miss you, so very badly
Trying to be happy but each labored breath is taken sadly
My heart and mind are so far beyond hurt that I can't speak
Funny how you always found me strong and now I am so very weak

(c) November 24, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Aloha Promises Galleria - Happy Birthday (I Miss You)




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