The Gentleness In Us

Based in part on Philippians 4:5:

Gentle Breeze - Greater Blue Heron At Dawn Pond

The Gentleness In Us
by Michael Romani

The Wizard announced his greatness
Dorothy responded with her meekness
Not a cowering bit of quiver
But with the strength to make evil shiver

This thing we call out as meekness
Should not be seen as weakness
But to live life in all humility 
And to do this with all sincerity

It is the fine art of living gentle
An quality of character that is fundamental
Knowing the time to keep to tender
But tough enough to never surrender

Keeping our extremes in our bounds
With our power within what is found
As being reasonable in responsive ways
To all that comes to us in our living days

This is the way to face life's every test
Living righteously and in this finding rest
Still standing up against all that is wrong
And finding to be gentle is to be strong

In our faith we patiently find our living well
And in so doing we live out our good tale
Being tough enough while holding to tender
And in doing this we find we will render

There's a quiet approach to what we confront
Not everything needs to be seen as affront
Nor does there always need to be forced submission
In living out this as our earthly commission

It's never about the fanfare but in the doing
This then is the very sort of life worth pursuing
Gentle and with a steady hand we walk our days
With strength and love shown in all of our ways

Riding in on our donkeys quietly pressing for peace
Not a dog of war on horseback but to release
We are meant to strive toward doing this the same
Quietly healing hearts and within this very frame

We need a teachable spirit willing to sit and listen
Recognizing the validity of the other's position
Not us and them but all of us are here together
Perhaps we should then balance this for the better

Approaching all with a gentle sort of caring attitude
Cautiously leading through example, giving latitude
In consideration of what others might offer and give
Like a mother caring for children is the way to live

If we are to love and live in sincerely Christian imitation
Yoked in easy and find the burden light within limitation
Necessarily finding time we do need to take rein
But usually it's better to show and then quietly refrain

Embracing all in a deep sense of strong humility
Looking at the interest of others compassionately
It's a life of strength against the world's imposture
That will in every turn bring about our best fortune

(c) November 25, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Gentle Breeze - Surreality Twist of Trees




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