Candle Light

Tis the beginning of Christmas season .. yes, I know I don’t officially start until St Nicholas Day.. but.. well…

South Beach II

Candle Light
by Michael Romani

A match is struck to light the candle
And so begins the story on that mantle
Tales are handed down about that man
Who sought to bring light as his plan

Pouring his heart and soul into his craft
Through the heat of summer and winter's draft
As Advent approached in the small village there
The candlemaker was left with only his prayers

Silence that night was his only answer
As the stars played like a set of solitary dancers
Or, that is, so did they truly seem
But, the spark of light can bring sweet dreams

The angel touched the candle light
With a single instruction given that night
Give this hope to those who need it most
And let them pray to the heavenly host

With joined hands clasped in prayer
The children witnessed their own miracle there
From such things, legends are born
As so it was that early Christmas morn

This stark world of marvels and illuminated night
No longer needs sacred candles burning bright
This is the morality play of our modern day
With miracles forgotten as child's play

The good Christian stands out in this night
Brave enough to have heart and to fight this fight
The battle against the hopelessness of this age
Finds its place scribbled across life's page

A minister's best pulpit is in the street
Where lives most unwanted are there to meet
A crust of bread served with something for the soul
A whispered word of comfort served in this new role

Offering his service to all the most needy
Putting aside the self enrichment of the greedy
The question becomes where he might serve best
But in places of darkness where light is needed without rest

(c) November 27, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Caelestium Isle - Candled Devotion of Mother and Child




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