In the Roll of Self Control

Based in part on 1 Cor 9:24-27:

Metropolis - Crowd Control

In the Roll of Self Control
by Michael Romani

In the songs of our  sweet redemption
We find out way to sacred contemplation
In this race all the runners will have run
But in the end, only one will have won

The capstone of all the spirit's fruit
All the things that come to contribute
Things of character in all our actions
Are the things that bring satisfaction

How we come to treat one another
Is the love that's meant for each other
Taking the first step ever and always
To tell others their worth in all our days

Joy comes in our right relationship to all
A promise of nobility that we need recall
Helping to create peace where we can
Making every effort, every woman and man

Ours is to go about doing the most good
In our every day as we know we should
Faithful in our willingness to do this
And to find not doing this something amiss

All of this gentle review leads to self control
And this then is only to take our role
In bringing about the kingdom of the holy
And we grow into the best of you and me

Rooted in the ways of God , we become
Ambassadors that live to serve the Kingdom
And our unbridled passions is our undoing
This last quality is needed most in our pursuing

In our imitation of Christ we find our mercy
So very needed in the pages of our history
Chaos and turmoil mark our path unchecked
As I  look back on the road I have wrecked

We need to understand all that is at stake
In the bigger view we avoid our mistakes
In this way we come to our better place
Replacing our troubles with our grace

Our lives are made of our moments
No throwaways despite all that torments
We set our course to do out best
Aiming our best in purpose in this test

Making the most, not living in triviality
With good intent against frivolity
Knowing that in the end we will embrace
Many questions to answer to God's face

Along the path, let's take our victories
Big and small, all build our histories
Each step makes the entire journey
As we reach out to make our destiny

There in our daily lives spent in prayer
We keep calm focus and persevere
There in our roll walking our simple walk
Our conversations with God become more than talk

(c) December 2, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Empire Room - Funk N Roll Out of Control



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