A Christmas Wedding

Keeping on a Christmas theme:

The Dickens Proejct - Christmas Square Dance II

A Christmas Wedding
by Michael Romani

In the city that never sleeps
There's a story that keeps
About a dash of whirlwind romance
Between two lovers caught in a winter's dance

Christmas magic wrapped in a wedding day
An in a million adventured along the way
Quiet snowy roads plow into tomorrow
Where an All American princess knows no sorrow

Soaring as high as a free flying eagle
The commoner somehow rises into the regal
Dreamy dreams are toasted over flutes of champagne
As this chapter turns on the perfection of wedding plans

Inch by inch, her life becomes revamped
As her life in a fish bowl becomes remapped
It isn't easy becoming a queen
But it is every Cinderella's dream

As such plans and roads meet up with Providence
So too does simple sometimes overcome false elegance
Love is seen as taking a hush away back seat
To the traditions and protocols seemingly too complete

A familiar tune plays gliding along the keys
Wafted across oversized rooms singing on the breeze
Too many words can easily lead to a dull sour note
When answers come through malpracticed bit of rote

Still, the castle shines  it's glowing lights
Into the darkness of that cold winter's night
Christmas hopes and trees await their presents
AS the kingdom waits upon love's lasting presence

A blush blooms into the wee morning past last hours
As the future queen begins to seek escape from her tower
Unneeded tears can often begin to steal away our essence
Coldly blowing like bubbles losing their effervescence  

(c) December 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Christmas Fair - Rocky Toocool Plays A Christmas Jam




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