A Gentle Heart At Christmas

The message of Christmas is one that is amply brought to mind by the life lived by the Nikolas who became a bishop and the touted as saint watched the stories of his saintly life turn into the legendary Santa Claus so integral to our celebrations.  Today is the day we celebrate his life as St. Nicholas Day.  Long may our hearts and souls be warmed by his loving examples to us all.

Christmas Lane

A Gentle Heart At Christmas
by Michael Romani

A little child's play along the dreary lane
As murmurs of protest are heard all in vain
On the way to a church so cold it's lost it's soul
And the somber priest's voice does not console

Cherished lights beam from the midst of a full tree
These are the moments that form and breed poetry
Mass lets out with some still in continual prayer
As one child dares to dream her way out of this despair

Stealing away with Baby Jesus to the local candy store
She finds magic as she runs swiftly to the door
Her unselfish dream is the prayer of keeping him warm
While shadows grow on walls, a little girl's dreams form

Even the blind can see the beauty of a warm heart
One that is kind and giving from the very start
The world looks so different through a child's eyes
Yet, over the walls of resistance she subtly flies

With a startled gasp, she finds the Baby Jesus forgiving
There in the deep cold that she embraces as she's living
Love in a child's heart remains such as by adults little understood
But the warmth intended was every intention of good

Hers is a gentle heart as she lulls Jesus with a tender lullaby
Woken from bed her mother tells of a night spent unpleasantly
Born into the bitter cold, the little girl was borne with love
With a silent night of stars resting, twinkling above

Broken hearts often find their way together as a family
There in providing shelter from storms as it must always be
Keeping a sense of magic, encircled by each other's arms
Love this true is a love of many splendid charms

The Baby Jesus is returned for the love of God and good of soul
The midnight moon brings its tender mercy to console
The greatest miracles are those found in humanity
When learning to love transform us into putting away our vanity

Some may have forgotten this blessed open sense of secret
While we're lost in rituals that sometimes make us forget
Things like Christmas being about God's love and how it's found
As the passing of the year turns itself around and round

The child watches the Christmas snow seen through her window
She opens her angelic arms open as wide as they will go
In this moment is the truth of the love this world needs
The girl smiles innocently and with her eyes pleads...

                         ...Hear her in your heart....

(c) December 6, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Manger Scene





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