Jungled Twist

Another swing at the Jungle Book has been taken.  First poem based on that movie is done and posted below.

Nouk Land - Totem In A Ghost Wolf

Jungled Twist
by Michael Romani

There is something in this reality
A certain truth about fragility
That the jungle twists with malleability
With a certain sting of savage ferocity

Where one takes a life out of necessity
Never for pleasure or sheer carnality
And while one must kill for one's supper
It doesn't do to make another suffer

Only the outlaw stands to the outside
Of the family, the pack and the pride
The jungle stands alone and eternal
And is where nothing is damned or infernal

The killing of man remains the great danger
Yet, young Mowgali, to himself remains a stranger
Not quite a wolf and not quite a man
He finds his way and place as best that he can

Remaining true to the pack that is his family
He seeks and finds comfort in their familiarity
There are lessons to be learned at the paws of the teacher
Where the laws of the jungle remain the best preacher

(c) December 7, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Jungle Rainforests of the Schendi - Day Has Broken


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