To Truly Belong

Second poem mostly absorbed from watching the new Mowgali Jungle Book movie on Netflix:

Season of Joy - Asleep At the Wheel

To Truly Belong
by Michael Romani

The fruit there hangs low
And don't you know
Life can make a monkey out of you
In all of the things we do

Always busy as bees
Like some kind of disease
Swarming thick as flies
When we're seen through eyes

Eyes of the jungle greenery
There in the verdant scenery
So much meaning to take in
Moments of revelation again and again

As each season passes
Change comes for all the masses
In all the starts and dashes
We reach for the world to avoid its ashes

Floating there on the sweet stream
Glancing life as more than a dream
Broken surfaces offer their distortion
With all we encounter out of proportion

Set sadly like a thunder's clap
Memories save us from the dark's trap
It's a jungle out there
When our hopes give way to our fear

In all the seasons that come and go
Life eases by as it ebbs and flows
So many tests, we must get past
These are the paths too often miscast

Somehow we keep dreams of being
That something better of everything
Setting our sights on tomorrow
We hold tight to hope, letting go of sorrow

We seek to prove ourselves
To find wisdom not found on shelves
But to find where we truly belong
Like the melody and harmony of life's song

(c) December 8, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Season of Joy - Holly Caught the Spirit Early




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