The Beauty of A Closed Door

Not every answered prayer is best answered with a yes.  Still, there is a lot to be said about persistence, isn’t there?

River of Life Worship International -Vine Door

The Beauty of A Closed Door
by Michael Romani

Standing at the crossed paths of life
There are many questions that do remain
Like where is peace and why all of the strife
And why have we not all learned to dance in rain

Some doors are closed to us for a very good reason
Though when they are, it feels like a kind of treason
Madness has come to rule the day; chaos descends
Like when we lose a loved one or even our best friend

There is a beauty in all the closed doors life brings
I am certain of it as the chorus goes on and sings
Handel's Messiah has it's moments of cold silence
Perhaps in recognition of life in all of its violence

Instead of dwelling on these, we might be best served
If we set our sights on the beauty so richly deserved
You come to sit beside me if only but for a while
And in your heart and touch, I find my reason to smile

In this Christmas season, I see you with gratitude
And realize the closed doors are for a be-attitude
That all the lessons there are for us to learn
Are so that we grow wiser and discern

(c)  December 18, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA27  - FreeWee Ling's Invisible Machines - Shadows Wander On Locked Door




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