Understanding Our Blessing

Based in part on Luke 2 and Matthew 1:

The Waterfall Cafe - Underwater Passage (Sharpened)

Understanding Our Blessing
by Michael Romani

So very worthy of our praise
We stand fixed with our gaze
God's goodness understood
As it is intended as we should

In the beginning everything
Was brought out of the nothing
From that beginning Jesus was
We learn this in study just because

This is the way of our understanding
In deep contemplation not demanding
But knowing the truth spelled out
Spoken plainly to dis-spell all doubt

The cup of acceptance drank down
We recognize our King's sacred crown
Renewed in vows we take our communion
God and man joined in our Holy union

Jesus anointed as the chosen one
Came to save us as God's only son
Savior to us all on that holy silent night
When the host of angels filled with light

Wishing good will and peace unto all
The shepherds kept this in their recall
As they wondered and shared this all
About man's provision even as we fall

In a quiet manger the babe was born
To save us all on this Christmas morn
The law was unfaithful  in it's spirit
Though still the in grace we do not fear it

Jesus as the son of God conceived in love
Came to bring a little heaven from above
Jeshua was born to be and become salvation
To all of us as one in our spiritual nation

The alpha and the omega, to begin and end
Coming into the world as our best friend
Always with us in spirit and in His being
From nothing, came our blessed everything

The wise men came following the star
All to be near as they traveled from far
So many obstacles that got in the way
All was just for us to hear and  to obey

Jesus came to seal the covenant of grace
Giving to all us a look at God's holy face
Sealed with his own blood as a promise
The way was through him without compromise

(c) December 23, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Coccon - Blessed Are the Poor




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