Extra Little Something

Isn’t it funny how it’s usually the little things that make up our memories and bring up to the magic that is truly in Christmas?

House of JewelZ - Dreamz of Babylon

Extra Little Something
by Michael Romani

It's there in all the things we take up
A lot of these things we couldn't make up
Looking for the excitement, we believe our eyes
Even though we know these keep telling us lies

Searching for that extra little something
That echoes in our heads filled with nothing
Making up those moments shaking up
All the hoped for things taking up

The places where dreams should be
If only we'd keep our minds on what could be
Fantastic happenings in our true reality
Instead of being tossed up in fantasy

Costumed impostures that create the incitement
That bring out lives that little bit of excitement
We think it bring out our very best
But, there's the truth that won't pass the test

Lost up in that chasm of confusion
We too often prefer our brittle illusion
Grasped in attempts at communication
It's a wrecking crew of shameless contribution

Our mental trip wires wait to snare
All these make believe things that aren't there
The truth seeker sees this all to clear
That too much truth brings plumb to square

Too shallow, it matters little to embrace
The greater truth of a heart in the right place
The purest and truest hearts always give
Holding no account for debt but to forgive

People everywhere dream and conceive
Of a reason to hope and to believe
Especially when hard times come to us all
These are the times to dream big and in secret recall

As we look out on this blessed Christmas Day
Let's have the courage to know it will all be okay
Willing to sacrifice out all for each other
Loving God and doing so in loving one another

(c) December 25, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Marvelous Moomintoog Circus - Juggled Act


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