The Dreams We Need

As a society, we spend too much time trying to stifle the dreams of both children and the inner most child in all of us.   We misplace our values, thinking that dreams are merely wants.  We dream to dream.  We always have.  We always will.

LEA1: Circus at the Gaudi Park - Acrobatic Me

The Dreams We Need
by Michael Romani

The razzle dazzle of a child's heart
Is filled with wishes that won't depart
As the light show begins inside her mind
There are a thousand surprises left to find

There in the glow of her sweet smile
Is the fabric that becomes her style
A laugh danced upon a moonbeam
A love of light safe within her dream

A wish whispered of once upon
Of ballet slippers to dance upon
A wish made for a forever happiness
Where love, pure and simple, brings bliss

There on the edges of your kiss
Are the memories that I would never miss
Not for all the money in the universe
It could not replace the music of your verse

Dreams and wishes, these are meant to be shared
With all of those for whom we have cared
Kept from sleep by dreams dreamt while awake
With the kind of love that is given but cannot be taken

This child's smile is a light show serenade
Enraptured by the visions that do invade
Every waking moment in which we are agreed
That dreams like these are the dreams we need

(c) December 30, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA1: Circus at the Gaudi Park - Circus Tiffany





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