Questions For A New Year

It seems like maybe a good time to pause a moment and ask ourselves about our walk and whether it matches our talk may just the time we’re at now, the beginning of a new year.

Based in part on Haggai 1:5:

Now this is what the LORD Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways”


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Questions For A New Year
by Michael Romani

Looking back I see what I wield 
In the power I've been given to build
Here at the coming of the new year
I raise a toast of moderate cheer

Reading words of scripture I heed
That from time to time there is need
To take in stride a gentle reprimand
To do those things the Lord commands

Giving much careful thought to my ways
That I might better live out my days
Slipshod spirituality gives way to connection
While pausing for faithful reflection

Asked prayerfully in God's loving presence
Are those things powerful in their essence
What might I do to increase my loving joy
Whose soul might I pray for instead of annoy

What ways might I find to bring peace to life
Forsaking tedious battles and reducing strife
Walking away from the time that I often waste
While improving time with my family post haste

Finding my place in the church where I belong
Praying for my little girls' salvation in song
Making this year better and different by grace
I'll spend more time in prayer and God's embrace

Commitments in focus cut to the soul's deep
Sacred the promises that I will make and keep
I will live each day in all Biblical brilliance
And in so doing, grow more and greater in my diligence

Let each day that I walk be creative as the spark
That illuminates my soul in the deepest part of dark
No longer willing to spend more time in my talk
Than the time that I spend solid in my walk

(c) January 2, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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