Static Memories

Do you remember long ago when television station programming would end with snow and static on the screens?  This has less to do with that than the late night movies that would come on just before.

The Tarot Garden - Venus Adored - Static

Static Memories
by Michael Romani

Solidly starless laid underground
Surrounded by walls of sound
Consciousness slips into infinity
This then the beginning of the end for me

As deep in as the shadow mountains are tall
Are that memories that I fight to recall
Drawn into half baked flights of fantasy
That we pushed and believed as our reality

Never gifted with the says of small talk
But, I was certain of the certainty of our walk
Like an eater of planets across the galaxy
Endlessly fishing for bits of our eternity

A fire warms us to sit there in front
While we laughed, dueling in comic confront
There with each look into your misty eyes
You made me smile into the birth of sunrise

Never, ever in any way, nor in a million years
Did I ever believe this sharing ended in tears
Now, I sit staring into the static of an old tv
Silent, alone in half frightened memories of you and me

(c)  January 7, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Spooky Interactive Haunted House Revisited -Playing From Memories





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