Free Fall Into Action

Anyone like to skydive?  Show of hands?

SL14B Beguile - Masked: Carnevale di Venezia- Piercing Jester

Freefall Into Action
by Michael Romani

Fanciful impressions of Halloween
Ten seconds to decompression
The impossible mission is on
All cause for delay.. now... gone

Free falling from high altitude
Doesn't allow for much latitude
Thousands of feet to fall
It's a thought well worth the recall

That with a bad landing
You won't be left standing
With so little time to enjoy
You do as you must and chute deploys

All of this for the sake of mission
None of this to be done without precision
Split seconds in reaction
Otherwise leading to faulty action

You think on your feet
Until mission complete
Instincts are as they ought
No time for indecision or distractions bought

Reflecting on the mistakes
Are the little sorts of heartbreaks
Only distinct men of pristine action
Can live this with any satisfaction

All the things that can and do go wrong
Little tricks that do and don't belong
Hope, they say, is not a strategy
But, it works well enough says the mythology

So onto the rodeo for the ride
Only time to make it right in stride
It's all in the things we cannot say
That cut the breaks to live another day

(c) January 8, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor - Free Falling






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