Ruin and Salvation

Sometimes we find our strengths are our weaknesses and our weaknesses our strength.  Who is to say which is which?  Only in the blackest points of our lives do we ever really know.

Uri Jefferson's Freakshow - Strong Man Rings His Bell

Ruin and Salvation
by Michael Romani

Out there is a storm brewing
The kind of storm that could bring ruin
All those things we wish made us stronger
Won't really help us for much longer

Kept going by promises in the night
It's by these promises that we'll fight
Carnage and death have their cost
This life is filled with the ghosts of the lost

Those we've loved and embraced
Keeping truth and never disgraced
Promises honored with our being
This abyss of hurt that we keep seeing

These are the depths to which we need forgiven
As we push on as though truly Hell driven
Out there is a deadly storm brewing 
The kind of storm that brings salvation and ruin

(c) January 10, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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