From A Flower, A Garden Grows

Today’s Thought For the Day really grabs at my heart and soul.  It bears repeating until we all get it.  In this world and all virtual worlds, we can be fairly much choose to be most anything we desire.   Wouldn’t this world be a better place if among the things we actively choose is to be kind?

Luane's Magical World - A Reflection of Love

From A Flower, A Garden Grows
by Michael Romani

From one single flower, a garden grows
From one solitary whisper, love knows
One hand becomes two joined together
At least for now, hopefully forever

From one tear, there grows a river
Until an ocean flows to deliver
The one fish that feeds the man
Who feeds the world as only love can

From one heart, dances needed light
Sparkled into a shine guiding the night
From one moment chosen in kindness
The world finds itself amid blindness

With this one step, we find direction
As God touches us with gentle correction
It is up to you and I find our tomorrow
And in so doing, our happiness from sorrow

(c) January 14, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Luane's Magical World - Ponded Love





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