Price of Pride

Love of power breed ambition and that’s really not what we need in leaders.  What we need is those who have vision and come to serve the people. Yet, that’s rarely the way of those interested in politics is it?

Throne of the Dead

Price of Pride
by Michael Romani

Even the hardest king
Finds in the end
He cannot bring
What it takes to fend
Off that enemy, death
Mortality is fleeting
All we have left
Is the final greeting
Laughing in denial
As we are claimed in the end
Accepting this with a smile
The reaper has become our friend
No one possesses the secret of immortality
In the final score, we meet our fatality

The knowledge sought is not contrary
There in that mystic library
But available  to the turning key
Still, there is a price for this mystery
Secrets pressed beyond imagination
Bringing with it all the frustration
Despite what we think and feel
The oracle will have served us well
There as we lay, our souls bleeding
Sanskrit mumbles cast their spell
Seeping and creeping, taking over until
False words served chilled with a smile
The cruelest blade, they cut and defile

Dark secrets revealed cast us all to hell
In the echoed reflection of desired spells
Power breeds the ambition to be more than we are
Driving us with madness until we've gone too far
Enflamed with our self deceptions that bubble
These boil over as creations of our own trouble
The sands of the desert cover all in dust
All the evils within us and so it is as it must
Until that dark day that evil raises its head
And on which we mortals will wish we were dead
What day comes we will run racing for the sun
Knowing that all of glory will become undone
Running  past our hearts with nowhere to hide
This then, my children, is the price of our pride

(c) January 15, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Sphinx of Giza




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