Samson (X)

Continuing in the retelling of the story of Samson and Delilah as told in The Book of Judges:

Second Life Israel - Operatic Bridge Behind A Golden Chanukiah

Samson (X)
by Michael Romani


It is as it must
That God's wrath is just
To watch his people die
Or leave wondering why

This is the choice proffered
By the Philistine king offered
But, his strength of hand extends to voice
As he say no to this false choice

To his God, Samson gives devotion
Insistent on this negotiation
To prevent his people's mass starvation
He lays down his life for his nation

God smiles on these things of purity
Answering with blessings of dignity
Broken as we are, scourged with envy
We must chose to rise above our injury

All the wrongs to be put rightly
With things gone on almost nightly
The unrighteous claim this dark hour
Until Samson calls on the Lord for power

To the living God, we witness
The truth of God, we cannot protest
For it is God's will that will be done
Through Samson, Zion's Holy Son

Wounded he seeks refuge in the valley
And though it's no imposition, he must not dally
Nursing his health, Delilah sets her plans
Through trickery of kindness, she will have her man

Frightened and alone, Samson turns to his mother
She offers love and forgiveness like no other
As the storm clouds come creeping in
Samson feels shame from his life lived in sin

As night turns again into today
A hard life know no other way
And still, despite all of our sorrow
Is always another fallen tomorrow

(c)  January 23, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Second Life Israel - With God As Our Anchor




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