Samson (XI)

Continuing in this humble retelling of the story of Samson and Delilah as originally set out in The Book of Judges:

Preiddeu Annwn - Entraves Strains Against Mankind's Chains

Samson XI
by Michael Romani


Delilah torments and taunt her precious Samson
Desiring the secrets that make him a better man
Insisting that it's a matter of utmost trust
And that if he loves her then clearly he must

Tell her everything, or it's naught but a lie
Using cunning and trickery at his every reply
There are no secrets between those truly in love
And just who is this God who rules from above?

Samson knows in his heart that is not her right
But, reluctantly reveals that he is a Nazirite
Owed to God were three simple secret vows
No wine; no touching of dead; no cutting hair … and now

Two vows are standing as solidly, stolidly broken
And with his secrets revealed, he knows what he's spoken
And as sure as she's a Philistine, she practices deception
Yet, Samson has given Delilah his demise in its inception

Delilah gives Samson a drink containing a sleeping potion
She's a Philistine not withstanding her womanly emotion
As he sleeps, she cuts off his sacred, long hair
But, she does this lovingly and with the greatest care

Lock by lock, his hair is quickly, quietly sheared
For her ready deception, he was less than prepared
Hair shorn, Samson is taken in bonds and alive
Seemingly certain that he'll be lucky just to survive

As the Dark Prince seeks to taste and hold Samson's power
He believes his brutality will win and has won this hour
Samson is blinded by him at the point of heated sword
And then to the palace, he is dragged ever toward

Into the dark dungeon, he is then powerlessly cast
Where he confesses to God what his pride has lost
His over self-reliance has cost him all he holds dear
And all that is left to him is what he very much fears

Brokenhearted is he; but then; so to her depths is she
As she realizes the extent and fullness of her treachery
Tortured by the edge of his life to seek his secret's source
Samson tells the Dark Prince that it's a gift from God of course

Angered, the Dark Prince, demands the price of his pride
Ushered on Samson with beatings and curses, he derides
The worth of Samson, who suddenly knows the flail of barbarity
And reveals again that the only way to true power is humility

But being humble is more than the Dark Prince will give
It's certainly not the path he has chosen to live
No respecter of any god or of his fellow man
The prince intends to use his trophy as he knows he can

Killing his own father for his assumption of Philistine throne
The Dark Prince believes in himself and himself alone
Delilah suffering attempts again to find a way to free her man
Sadly, alas, she finds that her pieces of silver no longer can

Though in chains, Samson finally hears at last God's voice
And he knows only his humble sacrifice as the wisest choice
Seeking only to once again become and live as God's servant
Samson at last reaches true humility before all eyes observant

(c) January 26, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA28: Storm Septimus' Country of Mind Untitled- The Chains The Bind Us



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