Wishing The Maybe

Do you ever have moments where you stop and pause and think on things like maybe things might have been different or maybe this or that?  I do.  Those are the moments to be quiet and listen in.  Trying to figure out what it’s all about can lead to some important lessons.  Other times, it’s simply about accepting our lives as we find them and squeezing for that bit of lemonade…

Home, Sweet, Home - Wishing I Was A Better Man

Wishing the Maybe
by Michael Romani

Wishing that maybe we could
Never really did anyone any good
But as a remembrance of things past
Throwaway lines that are miscast

Pleasure filled moments of conversation
Filled without the slightest hesitation
But filled with no real deliberation
Just idle moments of consideration

Of hunger for our lost yesterdays
All of the things that seemed so throwaway
But now, we'd give all to relive
We did too much taking with nothing to give

Late nights hoping not to spill into sleep
Contemplations of all slipping into deep
Until the world closes our weary eyes
Out beneath the majestic, starry skies

Hiding seek moments spent in plain view
Morality plays that played but won't do
As though anything was really up me or you
We've all got watched balances left to do

Unobserved we live this dark, cold city
Wishing for compassion but finding no pity
Every day lived surely leads to tomorrow
As though life lived is something we borrow

Finding the gift that is found in each other
God's truth is earnestly known in one another
Like a game of cosmic chess we've played
Finding one too many innocent dragons slayed

Maybe we should have just let them be
All of this in the name of sacred family
It's like a loss felt in its travesty
Hiding as outcasts from a lost society

Keeping back from that society of fools
Who believe they break all the right rules
Believing God is a commodity to be bought
We spend the true treasure we should have sought

(c) January 26, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Witchwood -Cobblestone Wishing Well




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