Rabbit In A Snow Storm

In Winter, a bunny will take calculated risk to get supper.  This is despite knowing the cold winds and snow.   This is done despite knowing others are hungry too.  Life can be like that…

Dimrill Dale  -Bunny Boos Hidden In The Tall Grass

Rabbit In A Snow Storm
by Michael Romani

Well, suppose that there it is
They say this is my newish norm
Filled with a lot of ideas
That won't keep me warm

But there are some things
That just must be
No matter what tomorrow brings
These things bring comfort to me

Feeling a lot like Nero
I fiddle and I play
No longer the hero
Perhaps, I never was anyway

Like a rabbit in the snow storm
I push forward finding my way
Here struck in my new norm
When words are not to play

But the meaning
Lost within the dreaming
Are like thoughts inside
As life and I collide

Won't get where I'm going
Without the right questions
Struggling with employing
The right moves of hesitation

And that little bit of it
Might just take me down
What's killing me only hurts a little bit
It's a laugh on myself in my jester's crown

They say I stop breathing every night
Thirty two times in every hour
I don't want to believe that's right
This fix will take more than will power

I am afraid to close my eyes
Afraid of when I sleep
Lifted eyes toward snowy skies
Praying the climb out isn't too steep

Faithful to God even unto death
But, it's hard to pray when you have no breath
On the telephone, I hear my little girls sing
And know that they're the best and that I must cling

(c) January 31, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Tranquil Bear Winter Resort - Willow In A Gathering  Snow Storm



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