Your Knight and Vagabond

Conversation starter kept on a echo of same things said.  Mostly, I suppose cause it’s what’s stuck in my head lately.  How does one move beyond square one when to move requires another to have the confidence needed to make that work?

The Bumrose Club & Marina - Brilliant Morning

Your Knight and Vagabond
by Michael Romani

You say that you want to wield
The strength of truth to help you build
A new world out of what's here
I  agree but let's be clear

We can build our new tomorrow
We can leave behind ways of sorrow
But to do that is to move beyond fear
We must find our way to persevere

You say that you feel sorry
For the pain you shouldn't carry
I tell you that being without you
Is a far harder thing for me to do

Then not to walk our side by side
I don't really care about my pride
What I care about is today and tomorrow
And for us to find our way past sorrow

I tell you of what's happened to me
Not for drama or to play for sympathy
But so that you might well know
That I don't know how much further I can go

And that what I do very well know
Is that I need to feel your shadow
For as many steps as I may have left
And to know the promises have been kept

If there is a way to find my way through
I want to dance this way with you
I have never asked or expected your perfection
Only to love you as you love me in our connection

If there is a future when all of this is done
I want you to be that special sort of someone
Whose hand I hold onto on my last night
And in so doing, know that I have lived my life right

If I look up into your eyes as the last thing I see
I will count this life lived as good enough for me
These are the things that I can't help thinking on
My North Star kept in view and very much wished upon

You were and are my private story book of once upon
That gives me very reason of faith to keep pushing on
You see, I am in no particular rush to be gone
And like a vagabond searching, I hope you keep the light on

Keep the light on so that I might find my way home
And we might live our lives happily together and not alone
From the first that we met, I have known where I belong
It's that little bit of hope that keeps me going strong

(c)  February 5, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Bumrose Club & Marina -Shadowed Palm Grove II



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